Objectives & Functions

At our ministry every unit and department is saddled with various objectives to ensure smooth running of the ministry as we serve the public. 

Environment Maintenance

The protection, maintenance and development of all environment and water resources of Oyo State through relevant service oriented activities and programmes.

Sustainable Development

Use of related technologies in addition to formulation and implementation of relevant policies which tend to sustainable development at the pace of dynamics of time.

Solid Waste Management

Institutionalization and supervision of sustainable Integrated Solid Waste Management Programme in the State.

Control and Management

Design and implement environmental beautification and landscaping programmes and activities that would tend towards urban aesthetics, forestation and their sustainable management thereof to mitigate complexes of climate change phenomenon.

Flood Control

Effective Flood and Erosion Control activities and system and assurance of their resilience thereof.

Environmental Sanitation

Promote and enforce sanitation control and other environmental obscenity measures to assure enduring public health in the State.

Pollution Control

Monitor and control all anthropogenically – induced environmental pollution sources (industrial, commercial, cottage, domestic past time) in order to ensure sanctity of air, land and water courses quality.

Natural Resources Exploitation

Effective management and development of natural resources of Oyo State to achieve all forms of social and economic growth of the State.

Water Service Provision

Adequate and sustainable provision of rural and municipal water supply service through construction and operation of relevant and peculiar facilities in the State.